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In 1908, five Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters left Steyl for their new mission in Japan. The Sisters began their ministry of education for women in Akita. Over the years more Sisters from overseas arrived and mission work in education, health care, and socio-pastoral ministry spread to other areas of Japan including Kanazawa, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

The first sister of Japanese heritage, Sr. Josepha Mitsuoka, made her first commitment as a SSpS on February 5, 1928 in the Regional House in Akita. In 1933, the Regional House moved from Akita to Nagoya; and in 1963 the Region was raised to the status of Province.

While receiving many sisters from other countries, the Japanese Province witnessed its first Sister being sent to Brazil in 1937.

Currently, our Province has six communities and the Provincial House with ninety-three (93) professed sisters engaged in a variety of missionary activities.