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I long to give my love and my whole life to the service of spreading the GospelMother Maria's saying

This is our Vision of Mission :

  1. Being with the other
      It is mission in dialogue, not mission and dialogue. Mission means to share in the life and struggle for survival of the excluded, the marginalized groups, cultures, other faith traditions - also with Mother Earth, with creation. Mission is learning from others, allowing oneself to be gifted.
  2. It is God's mission
      In the face of increasing powerlessness, communal conflict and violence, we are urged to remind ourselves that mission is not our enterprise but God's work.
  3. God's mission is Trinitarian
      It means mission through relating. Jesus himself never spoke of conversion in the sense of change of religion. He spoke of metanoia - a radical change of mentality. Thus, mission means a serious turning around: from selfishness to selflessness, from isolation to community, from withdrawal to union, from dispersal to integration....
  4. Inter-faith pilgrims
      Walking closely with people of other faiths will change our vision and image of God and will lead us to recognize God's universal, salvific plan and presence in different religions. It calls us to be adequately knowledgeable about other faiths and religious traditions, to be truly catholic - i.e. universal-minded, to be interfaith pilgrims ourselves.
  5. Mission spirituality of presence
      A spirituality of presence as active but not overbearing service; of kenosis as self-emptying, in a position of powerlessness, non-defense, yet different from submission; of reconciliation in the sense of being agents of healing, of building bridges, as especially women do in areas of conflicts; of a Christian human vision in answer to a world crying out for a new vision of all that is truly human; of a cosmic vision which is a committed spirituality, attentive to the cosmic voice of God within all that exists.

Source: Official Communications No. 199 on the SSpS 12th General Chapter 2002