A person who prays has almighty power with GodMother Josepha's saying
We are
....Listening....believing.....in the beautiful story of Jesus
.......responding.....risking beyond known cultures and familiar grounds
coming together.....forging friendships...journeying as one community
............to be voices that echo the message of Hope, Joy and Life
to bear witness to the Love and Unity of the Triune God ...

We, SSpS: Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters
– are a Religious Missionary Community of Women Disciples in an international Congregation, called to share in the universal mission of God in Jesus, in the dynamism of the Holy Spirit.
Our motto: “May the Holy Triune God live in our hearts and in the hearts of all peoples”, contains in nutshell our Spirituality and Charism. Mission is the origin and purpose of our Congregation. Bearing a universal character to it, sisters from different parts of the world, are called to witness to the Communion of the Triune God, in the diversity of cultures and nationalities. And as missionaries, we are called to embrace all people across cultures and faith traditions. With the worldwide nature of our mission, internationality is essential to our community living.

We express our missionary spirituality in today’s context as :
As SSpS, we are loved and called by the Triune God from all nations
to be a Gospel community,
consecrated for Mission through the dynamism of the Holy Spirit,
nourished by the Word and the Eucharist and summoned
to live the Paschal Mystery.
We are hence, constantly challenged
To discern the movements of the Spirit individually and as community;
To be a compassionate presence of Jesus
in his prophetic mission especially in frontier situations;
To grow in right relationships in our communities,
with others and with all creation;
To reveal the feminine face of God in our world reality.

(12th General Chapter Document)